Vomit Fist News

  • New lyric video at Invisible Oranges

  • New record! Omnicide order now!!!

  • Vomit Fist played Pissfest and a ton of shows from basements to the Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, NY... working up new material for their second record.

  • Extreme choreographer and iconoclast Sara Hook created a new piece which incorporated live performance with Vomit Fist. Premiered October 2014.

  • Vomit Fist has been solicited by Valeria Vasilevski and Repa Dorje Odzer, director of New York Tsurphu Goshir Dharma Center, to set the words to a vile and repugnant sacred text to music. Written by early tantric practitioners, the poem is entitled "The Dark One and the Sacred Slut", and has worked its way into our set already. We'll be recording it in April and revealing it to students and masters of the intensive Tantric course at the meditation center in Brooklyn.

  • The astounding Dave Davidson of Revocation visited a Vomit Fist rehearsal the other day for some master class level coaching. Everything was on the table, from drum writing, to song structure, to guitar tone... proud to play our stuff for Dave and grateful for his input!

  • Vomit Fist is working on our first EP. Basic tracks have been recorded, and we are currently scheduling our final vocal recording session with Skrag. After that it's mixing and mastering and bringing it to the people!

    Sessions at Spin Studios were fantastic. Engineer Nik Chinboukas (Testament, Gojira, Lamb of God) got a killer drum sound for Lurkrot, exploding in that huge resonant room. Vürdoth ran his Les Paul through a Marshall 8100 and an EVH 5150 III, each through two speaker cabs. Four channels of devastating guitar tones!

    The incomparable Thomas Dimuzio will master the final mixes for the final touch of blackened grindcore perfection.

    Stay tuned...
  • Vomit Fist by Cuba Thomas
    Vomit Fist Skull Logo by Cuba Thomas

    Vomit Fist with Dave Davidson of Revocation
    Vomit Fist with Dave Davidson at the Music Building, NYC

    Vomit Fist at Spin Studios with Nik Chinboukas
    Vomit Fist at Spin Studios with Nik Chinboukas